Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Most bananas grown universal are used for local consumption. In the tropics, bananas, particularly cooking bananas, stand for a major source of food, as well as a major source of income for smallholder farmers. It is in the East African highlands that bananas reach their utmost importance as a staple food crop. In countries such as Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda per capita consumption has been estimated at 450 kg per year, the highest in the world. Ugandans use the same word "matooke" to describe both banana and food.
In the past, the banana was a highly sustainable crop with a long plantation life and stable yields year round. However with the entrance of the Black Sigatoka fungus, banana production in eastern Africa has fallen by over 40%. For example during the 1970s, Uganda produced 15 to 20 tonnes of bananas per hectare. Today production has fallen to only 6 tonnes per hectare.

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Thanks for te Banana information. I know its is good for our body. It is good for growing children too. Can anyone tell me if its taken with water it harms or not as sometimes i eat banana with water in gym. I know it helps with milk. But waht if taken with water.