Friday, July 23, 2010

Quantcast Bowing to political reality, Senate Democrats drop broad energy bill

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, flanked by Sen. John F. Kerry and White House energy czar Carol Browner, blamed the GOP for the impasse.

Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada — who had promised to bring a sweeping energy bill with an emissions cap to the Senate floor by the August recess — said he would instead offer a scaled-back bill focused largely on responding to the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Rosemary Welch said...

Are you sure they dropped it? I don't trust anyone in politics except Congressman Tom McClintock! Also, Star Parker is running for office in the Congress, and I am going to be working for her. This is a lovely, down to earth Lady. I trust her, too.

Let me explain trust. I will keep an eye on everyone! Yes, I will check the way they vote. We have a Constitution to confine these money-grubbing people. If they vote outside of the Constitution, they take a chance on losing their seat.

I understand they may have to vote for such things Medicare and Welfare, but they need to reform it first. Absolutely! :)

Sure, I will add this one to my "Blogroll". Have a blessed evening.